Saturday, May 2, 2009

50 years on, Kamal believes in setting trends

CHENNAI: It is his 50th year in cinema, and Kamal Haasan, who has essayed hundreds of characters, has another thousand ideas up his sleeve. "I

want to make a film on the Eelam Tamils and don roles that are not type cast," said Kamal, who debuted as a child actor in Kalathur Kannamma' in 1959. The actor, who raised the bar innumerable times when it comes to acting, is still talking of doing things differently', and find stories that would offer a platform to showcase his immense potential. When asked if he would attempt roles like Amitabh Bachchan has, in Bollywood, Kamal said he was already on that route. Unnaipol Oruvan' is a film which makes such an attempt, and many others would follow, said Kamal at a press conference in the city. The forthcoming film, a remake of the Bollywood hit A Wednesday', will have local sensibilities, said Kamal. "There is no harm in remaking movies from other languages as long as they are done well and honestly," said Kamal. "After all, poet Kamban was inspired to write the Tamil epic Kamba Ramayanam from the original. Both kings and ordinary people have loved it. That is my aim as well," said Kamal.

Exploring terrorism is not a new idea with Kamal. His critically acclaimed Kurudhi Punal' dealt with the subject. "However, this is a differently told tale," said Kamal. Unnaipol Oruvan also marks the coming together of Kamal and Malayalam superstar Mohanlal for the first time. "I had always wanted to do a film with national actors, and Kamal's project is a beginning," said Mohanlal. "It should be possible for actors from other languages to join hands for meaningful and yet commercially viable projects, " added Mohanlal. LINK....